Cat making strange gagging, meowing and laying on her side.

by lamar
(destin florida)

My cat this morning started behaving very strangely. She is four years old and was lying on her side this morning in my bedroom. She began to meow really loudly which is very rare for her. When she attempted to get up from her side she acted like she was in so much pain she could not move and just plopped back on her side. Her meowing grew louder and I approached her and started calling her name. She walked off slowing and plopped on her side in the hallway then made her way to the guest bedroom. She continued to meow loudly and then when my husband went to check on her he noticed she defecated in the bedroom four small drops. He put her in the kennel cab so he could clean up the mess and to prevent any further droppings. She did not defecate any further in the kennel but moved from side to side meowing loudly with labored breathing and gagging periodically. I can't afford to take her to the vet but I really would like an idea of what it could be and how I can help her.

Answer from Kate
Lamar, Lamar she needs urgent vet care. It is impossible to say what has caused her pain etc but her symptoms definitely suggest something very wrong and I don't think there is much you can do for her at home.

She may have swallowed something poisonous or got stuck in her throat. She may have digestive problems the list could go on and on.

Poor little girl is definitely in distress and needs urgent attention.

Is there no way you can pay for the vet even to have an initial check? perhaps the vets can advise on payment methods or charities which may be able to help.

I hope you can find her some vet care soon
and that she is better soon

bets wishes Kate

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im not a vet
by: Anonymous

after searching for hours online the best thing would be to see a vet but since you cant afford it try brushing her more often and invest in fish oil vitamins they help A LOT before anything try that it might be more simple then you think ...but id still suggest saving up for a few weeks to take her to the vet just incase

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