Cat mating behavior

by Nisa

This is the male cat, Chikoe.

This is the male cat, Chikoe.


My boyfriend just got me 2 cats, one is female and the other is male. I brought home the female while my boyfriend kept the male. But after some circumstances, we decided that my boyfriend should keep both of them. The problem is, the male didn't start to mate till I brought the female back to my boyfriend's house. So obviously, the male is in heat. The real owner told us that they never tried to mate because they are brothers and sisters. I don't get why now?

Anyways, the male is constantly trying to mate with the female. But my boyfriend always catch them so they didn't managed to. We just didn't want any unwanted babies. The thing is the male will usually will poop in the toilet until he started pooping in the sink, where you wash your dishes, like 3 times already! I don't understand this and I hope you can help me. Is the male trying to tell us that he is in heat and he won't stop doing the stupid things that he does till he gets what he wants? Is he pooping in the sink, and not in the toilet, because he wants to mate? When my boyfriend or his mum caught him red handed pooping in the sink, they scolded him and he would hide. My boyfriend also said he seemed different, not his usual self. Please help!

Answer by Kate
firstly the person who told you that they shouldn't mate because they are brother
and sister is completely wrong. Cats don't have the same rules as humans and they will mate with any female. Secondly Male cats do not come into heat, females do. A male cat who is not neutered will want to mate all the time and this is why they are more prone to fighting with other males and going roaming all the time. The reason why he is now playing up is because there is now a female around which is stimulating him to want to mate with her and that is also probably the cause of the pooping, it's all to do with speading their scent around to attract other females and to let other males know he is there and this is his territory. Even if other cats are not around the cats instincts will still make them do this.
Your only real answer is to get both cats neutered. This will calm the male cat down and stop him feeling frustrated all the time and will also cut down on scent marking. For the female cat it will stop her coming into heat (which will also mean that she will have small periods) and also she will start to call out loudly to try and attract a mate. It is really kinder to do this for both you and your cats and will stop any accident preganancies and more unwanted kittens in the world. There is already more cats than homes. I would suggest you do this as soon as possible.

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Cat mating behaviour
by: Anonymous

Hello I have three Persian cats at home two are females of 2 years and 1 year respectively. Male is also one year old, my female cat is goes on a heat every 1 month however my male cat doesnot get attracted by the female and they don't mate, is there any solution to this cause we have tried mating her twice with other cats of my friends but nothing happened . Please suggest and also my 1 year old female has still not gone on heat is it normal as well

Tom cats
by: Anonymous

I have 2 tom cats and they are both approximately 7 months old and one keeps crying at the other before jumping on his back and holding him with his teeth. Is this some kind of mating behaviour or are they fighting? I have booked them both in to be castrated at my vets.

Answer by Kate
Yes this sounds like familar male cat learning behaviour. they are play fighting, which is teaching them how to behave, it may look like mating behavior but it is unlikely. However at 7 months old they are now sexually mature and so the sooner they are neutered the better as it will calm them down and hopefully their play fighting won't get out of hand.

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