Cat Matted in the "Back"

by Heidi
(Wellington, CO)


My cat is about 19 pounds and long haired. She has a hard time grooming herself in her "private" area. I did not notice this until about two months ago when she was spralled out laying in my lap. She had all matted hair around her private area that was sticky, so probably contained urine in it. I immediately took her to the vet where the vet says this happens all the time and she simply shaved her back there. She told me that I could come back every 6 months since she probably wouldn't need shaved until then. Well, it's only been two months and I have noticed she is having the issue again. I have tried to shave her back there myself and she didn't behave as well as she did for the vet. I have been told by others to try and bathe her back there to remove the urine matted areas. I am willing to try this, but don't know if this is my best option. I live in the country so it is hard to get my cat in as often as it seems this is going to take place. Do you think bathing her back there with cat shampoo and warm water will do the trick? Any other suggestions?

Your website is new to I check back here for an answer or do you email me?

Answer by Kate
Long haired cats can get into difficulty with their fur if they are not able to groom themselves well enough.

I don't know if you groom her yourself or not but with a cat like this it is recommend that you get some proper cat grooming brushes (they are better at teasing the fur and doesn't hurt the cat) and brush them at least twice a week if not more if the fur is particularly long.

It is not normally recommended that you bath cats that often as it can take out some of the oils in their coat which helps to keep it in condition. but in cases where there is urine or faeces in the fur then this is your only option. the cat shampoos on the market are designed to be gentle on the coat and the yes etc.

I have several pages here on the site which may be of help they are about grooming and bathing here are the links
i hope they will help you with this problem.

best wishes Kate

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