Cat meowing at night

by Heather Kosiarek

My healthy 1 year old cat, started meowing loud at night, he sleeps with me and he woke me up. I thought he wanted to get out of the room but he would not stop meowing. He went to his litter box once came out and just fell to the floor. I pick him up and took him to my bed and started to rub his belly and pet him. He was still meowing, he gets up and goes to the litter box but this time he stays in there for a while so i pick up the top and he is just laying in the litter box, i take the top off and put it on the floor a few seconds later he starts walking and he goes on to the empty top on the floor and just lays there. After that i bring our other cat in to comfort it and go into the kitchen to get them water where they both followed me, the cat that was sick does drink water but lays by his bowl to drink it which is very uncommon. Right after that he goes and finds the darkest part of the back room and lays down. My boyfriend comes out to see because he began to meow again. Both my cats are male, they are both neutred. Another thing is they both eat a lot, although they are not fat. My parents are putting food out for the oldest cat in the house and both of my cats will eat to know end. People say your cats will learn when they eat to much well

not mine. I don't know if that helps, but please help me.

Answer by kate
I am a little confused with your question. Are you saying he does this behaviour every night or has it just happened? if it has just happened you will have to consider that he may be ill in some way i.e constipation for example. in which case it is probably a good idea to take him to the vets as oon as possible.

if you say he does this every night then it could just be that he is bored at night and wants your attention. Night time is the natural time for cats to be most active. In which case you should try and make sure that he gets enough exercise during the day to tire him out, that you feed him just before bedtime and that you keep him in a separate room at night with plenty of things to keep him occupied.

As for the eating. Some cats are just greedier than others and will eat and eat if food is available, in which case it is up to us to make sure we only feed them the right amount of food as described on the food packaging. If both your cats eat and eat they are probably learning from each other. You will have to make sure that you feed them separately to make sure that they do not feel anxious when eating and that they both get their fair share.

I have a web page about cat meowing issues here which you may find of further information.

best wishes Kate

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