Cat Meowing

by Debbie
(Grand Rapids, MI)

My cat constantly is meowing - - she follows me around and meows. I give her somthing to eat, fresh water and that doesn't do the trick. She has the most irritating meow. How can I get her to shut up a bit, it drives everyone crazy. She's spoiled, I pet her and etc so I'm not sure if she needs more attention from me. My other cat never meows no matter if he's hungry or what. Help I'm getting a meowful!!!!!!!

Anser by Kate
Hi you may have answered your own question. You say she is spoiled and just lke any spoiled child they can become over demanding and also very clingy.

Unfortunately her behavoir is a learned one, she haslearnt that when she meows she gets fod, or ttention etc. This can be difficult to break now but unfortunately you will have to as they say be cruel to be kind. I e when she meows you will have to satrt to ignore her, eventually she will realise that she does not always get what she wants and the behavior should reduce.

Please see my page about cat socail beahvor forsome more background info on a similar line.

best wishes Kate

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