Cat Meows when I tune the heat on in the house

every year when i turn the heat on in the house for the first time my one cat wont stop meowing, is there a reason for this

Answer by Kate
Not that i can think of apart from the fact your cat is reacting to a change in their home environment. They may feel a little unsettled for a few days until they get used to the new situation, you never know the heating may make a slight noise which the cat can pick up on.

meowing is sometimes a signal of feeling a little disorientated. Dont worry it should pass, just give them lots of TLC.

best wishes Kate

Comments for Cat Meows when I tune the heat on in the house

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All the time, every night, no end to it
by: Anonymous

My cat cries so loud every night (and through the night) when the heater kicks in. We already conserve energy by keeping it very low both day (67-8 degrees F.) and night (63-64 degrees F.). I don't know what to do. If it's a matter of hurting her ears, not sure anything can be done. Otherwise, maybe an anti-anxiety medication or herb or something? Any ideas?

Deaf cat scream-meows
by: JenB

I have a 6 month old deaf kitten, recently spayed (so she's not in heat), and today we turned the furnace on for the first time this season. The house had that weird first day of heat smell, and the cat ran around scream-meowing, trying desperately to hide somewhere. The smell dissipated now, and she's calm again.

Big meow when heater turns on
by: Anonymous

My cat rarely meows. But when the heater turns on, he bellows a meow. Before we realized it was the heater we thought he had a bad stomach ache, because it sounds like a sick meow. So strange. I’m glad he’s not the only cat. Mayne it is some kind of warning alert system for fire survival?

Heat disturbs cat?
by: Sue

At first, I thought my cat was sick or something because he was meowing and cringing by the door to the hall. He never did that before. I figured out it was the heat going on because when I turned it off he was fine. He does it every time it goes on so I have to calm him down and pet him a lot.

My cat goes crazy meowing
by: Anonymous

OMG my cat goes crazy when furnace turns on, I can notice a high pitch sound, We think it might hurt his ears? but he goes meowing like crazy non stop, we cannot sleep, last night I setup the thermostat at 63 so we can sleep and the temperature dropped off and this turned on! I will need to bring it lower so we can sleep.

happy cat
by: Anonymous

My cat meows when heater kicks on (especially when she comes in from the cold) and she lays and rolls in front of it. If she hated it, I am sure she wouldn't want to lay in front of it. I think she is saying thank you, I was cold.

by: Sue Nelson

My 2 year old male cat was crying and running all over my Florida house within 10 seconds of the furnace kicking on - first time we used heat since he arrived! I stressed all day trying to figure out what caused this meowing - and then the heat kicked on again - he lost it again! Must be the sound or smell - air conditioning doesn't bother him......

by: Anonymous

My cat does this every year when I first turn the furnace on for the season; Enough that I googled this question! Eventually in a few days she settles down :)

Meowing cat
by: Anonymous

My cat meows non-stop too when the heat comes on. I have no clue why. I sometimes just turn it off at night so I can sleep because he hates it so much

My cat does this too
by: Tess

My cat cries when the gas pilot light kicks on for the heater and for my oven. She hears it before I even hear the gas then click. This has been going on for years. Yes, I have a CO2 detector. She gets irritated at the sound. Once the sound and hiss of the gas stop she settles down. I feel bad because she is so agitated, I barely use my oven.

by: jake

My cat does this as well. My wife and I suspect that it is the smell of the heater. Not sure why it's so alarming for the cat. We may be crazy but it's almost as if the cat senses danger like a potential fire.

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