cat moewing all night and bum swollen

by corey

hi what dose it mean when my cat moews all night and when i touch her she kicks her back leg like she cant control it . also her bum is a bit swollen . she is not having trouble walking or climbing . she is about 7 months old and has never been out side

Its not unusual for cats to meow at night time.Night time is a cats normal time to be awake and alert and if the cat is not spayed then this is when they start calling for a mate. At 7 months old she is old enough to get pregnant now so it is likely that she is caterwauling for a mate.

Whether or not her rear end is swollen because she may have recently had an encounter with a male cat or not is difficult to say.

Having your cat spayed will help to prevent pregnancy and also settle her down so that the night time calling should stop.

best wishes kate

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