Cat Moves Bed Around House

by Katie
(Schenectady, New York)

Our kitten (10 months old) has been using her bed fine since we got it in December. She slept in it every night and sometimes during the day to nap. Yesterday, we found her sleeping on the cushion from her bed in a bathroom on a different floor. She had taken just the cushion all the way downstairs. We moved it back last night but this morning I woke up to see her actually bed moved a few feet and the cushion in a different room.

Why would she be doing this?

this is the bed:

well i don't think there is any other reasons apart from the fact that she loves her bed but not necessarily where it is.

My cats are like this, they have favorite places to sleep where they feel safe and most comfortable (in their opinion of course), they also have a favorite cushions etc. If i move a cushion to somewhere they don't want to sleep then my two won't use the cushion any more. your cat is cleverer though. She has worked out she can move her bed to where she wants it.

best wishes kate

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7 Month old kitten moves the pad of her bed
by: Anonymous

My 7 month old kitten has recently started taking the pad out of her enclosed bed out and taking it downstairs to the kitchen. She doesn't lay on it, she just moves it. I find her enclosed bed upside down on the floor and her inside it asleep. The other night I put the cushion back inside and I watched her drag it downstairs and come back up and crawl in the bed and go to sleep. Throughout the day, she sleeps in the middle of our bed. Quirky little cat.

Pillow relocation game
by: Anonymous

Yes, we have a 15 year old russian blue cat that loves her pillow immensely. We moved the pillow about 5 feet away from where it used to be thinking it was a better place for her sleep. WRONG! She will invariably reposition her pillow anytime she wants to! We have never seen her do it, but we go to bed at night and wake up the next morning and the pillow is in a new location! We were rather amazed at that, but I guess she prefers her pillow location over ours!

my cat
by: gill

my cat everynight slept on my bed but recently has started crying at my daughters bedroom to sleep on her bed,what is the reason for this as she really cries to get in her room

Cat moved her bed
by: DonnaAnonymous

My very large ragdoll moved her bed from one end of the living room to the other. She is so lazy, does not play with toys, and sleeps in her bed where i always keep it. I was SO surprised and wondered if other cats have done the same thing thanks for the post.

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