Cat moves water bowl

by Lisa
(Notth Babylon, NY)

I have a one yr old female Tabby ( I think she is a tabby ). She has a horrible habit. When she drinks water she moves the water bowl all over the place. The water gets all over. I had tried putting a pieve of dry food in the water at someones suggestion, it seemed to work for about a week... Why does she do this? and what can i do to stop this... It is a very annpying messy situation.... please help


Answer by KAte
I don't think she is doing this deliberately she may just have problems with the bowl moving around on the floor.

You can buy bowel which are in stands to prevent them moving around or perhaps place the bowl you have on a non slip surface. A piece of carpet or plastic drawer liner.

If the bowel cannot move around so easily she may stop pushing it around.

Comments for Cat moves water bowl

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Need some help
by: Anonymous

I have a five year old healthy cat that moves his bowl to where he is instead of walking all the way in front of it. I know cats like to see their surroundings so the bowl is always away from the walls so what's the problem?

by: Fern

I have a male cat three years old. He stands with both front paws in the water dish when drinking. Than I got him a tray with legs water and food combo. He drags the water bowl out of the stand and all over my kitchen floor. What do you think would help him stop being so messy?

Other reasons for cats moving water bowl
by: Slinkey's Mom

One of my 3 rescue cats would do this, It was thought to be from having had went hungry/thirsty so long that now that he had his VERY OWN bowl he wanted to keep it with him.He was in very very bad shape when i took him he was weeks away from starvation after being dumped. He had stomatitis (dental disease in cats that is eventually fatal if not treated with full mouth teeth extraction). While we waited to get the $800. cost together he got bimonthly steroid shots to relieve pain/swelling. But after he could eat/drink good he stopped pulling bowl with him.

Cat moves water bowl
by: Silvie

I went out to a store that sells baby items and bought a suctioned bottom baby bowl with a lever that you turn to create a suction to the surface of great and no more turned over water bowls:)

Same here
by: Anonymous

Lisa i agree with you... i have a male cat that does the same thing and honestly i think he does it deliberately too, he will turn the bowl upside down & spill the whole bowl of water! i would never trade him for anything in the world but my goodness helppp!!

Moving the water bowl
by: Anonymous

Your cat is doing what comes naturally for a lot of cats. They prefer to drink moving water. So they move it themselves. It's a built in safety mechanism to prevent them from drinking stagnate or bad water in the wild. If water is moving or flowing it is usually fresh water. And some cats just can't see where the level of the water is. Think about it. They don't want to get their faces wet, especially Persians, so they move the water to see where it is in the water bowl. Just go to any pet store and buy a fountain style water bowl. They are inexpensive and when the cat approaches a sensor turns it on like a faucet. They LOVE it.

Cat moves water bowl
by: Anonymous

My cats do this also and I'm thinking they don't like to get water up their nose so they move the bowl so they can see where the water level is.

Cats moving water bowl
by: Terence

Think yourself lucky! I have four kittens and three older cats. My older cats are fine with the water bowl but the kittens: one of them always puts her paws in the bowl and licks her paws before she starts to drink and the other three seem to have a water fight with the bowls.
I have started to stand the bowls on a tray so they don't spill water all over the floor (which seems to have worked. But when all said and done I wouldn't part with any of them for the world, and the fun they give me with all their antics is wonderfull!

by: LISA

trust me it is deliberate.... she drags it across the room at times...

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