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Kitty Out Smarts Cartoon Dog

Cat news from Israel today - Can you imagine just how scary it would be to find yourself suddenly on a slippy surface surrounded by giants with lots of noise and running about then to be chased by a giant cartoon dog? 

Well one poor pussy cat found himself in that very position today. During a match played by Maccabi, Tel Aviv’s basketball team and Bnei Hasharon , a stray black and white cat found himself right in the middle of the court.

The cat looked completely bemused and terrified as it found itself in unfamiliar surroundings. Then trying to dodge the giant players as they ran around the court, the cat discovered that it’s not so easy to run on a basketball court when you have furry feet and claws.

Desperately trying to run of the court and slipping sideways at every attempt to accelerate the cat then found himself being chased by the team’s mascot Donny the dog.

Luckily the mascot also found it difficult to get a good grip on the slippery court surface and failed miserably to grab the cat who was far quicker off the mark (and smarter too).

After several attempts to catch the cat the mascot had to claim defeat as the cat skilfully managed to get off the court and escaped under the seating area.

Donny the dog looked rather miffed at not being able to catch the cat and played up to the audience with shrugs of the shoulders.

Luckily the whole thing was caught on camera and can be viewed here. Personally I was rooting for the cat. Hopefully he managed to find his way outside again with no ill effects. I’m guessing he won’t be attending another basketball match any time soon.

Great clip Kate! by: Ann & Andrew Cole 

Hi Kate, 

Good find! We imagine that poor cat didn't calm down for hours after that experience. No fun being caught well out of your comfort zone and then being chased. Bet it cost him one of his lives!!

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