Cat not eating and being sick

by Fred Roach
(Eckerman MI USA)

I have a 7 year old Bengal and he is a very active and playful cat. Just recently he will not eat much of his food he eats a little of his hard food which I keep fresh daily and he will not touch his softer food but just nibbles on it. He drinks water and everything but when he does get hungry and eats he throws up all his food and runs away. I try everything I can think of like changing different brands of food and also different types and still the same. My vet said he could have hairballs so I give him cat lax but he has not went to the bathroom in 2 days what can I do?

Answer by Kate
Have you actually taken him to the vets? he may have problems with his teeth which makes it painful for him to eat, so that when he does he gulps food which causes him to be sick.

or he may need some tests to see if their are other internal problems. unfortunately he may need a full check over to eliminate possible causes.

when a cat goes off his food it is definitely a sign of some illness which needs treating.

yes hairballs can cause this problem too and usually the cat can get rid of them themselves or with the help of medication such as your using. but in some cases the ball may be too large to get rid of and again the vet will have to intervene to help. So a trip to the vets in any case really is the best option for you both.

i hope he is better soon

best wishes kate

Comments for Cat not eating and being sick

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could be kidneys
by: Anonymous

I have a cat with similar symptoms. He does have teeth problems being 17 years old. But he also has renal failure which is being treated by his vet. The problem can be kept under control with medication, but on the whole doesn't get better as time goes on.

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