Cat not eating or drinking help!

by Johnson
(Auckland, New Zealand)

Hi there:

our cat is 2 yrs old 7.5 KG male cat.

Whole thing started when one day we accidently lock him in a room and came back found his feces on our bed and it is when everything started.

after that, we found him has weak knee, doesnt eat anything as far as we can see. and doesnt go to toilet at all( as far as we can see because we have 2 cats so we dont know who did what).

drink very less water or nothing at all. but he vomit once a day.. at beginning it is yellow watery and now it is all water ( light brown colour). he did vomitted a lot of hair on first day then that is it.
his saliva is very sticky which it is not normal.

on first night, he will make some noise every 10 minutes.. and when i press his stomach area, he will cry as well. but now it doesntry but he just laid there doesnt move at all ( still alive )

we booked appointment for vet but there is few days later as they all booked up and my wife gets very worry as time pass by.

please help us.

thank you

Answer by Kate
Telephone the vet and tell them it is a emergency, it sounds like your cat is in some distress and pain. Take Him to the vet today.
I hope he will be alright, I would love to know how you get on.

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cat not eating
by: kathy

I have a 10 year male cat not eating for 4 days took him to the vet, they gave him fluids and took blood work. Waiting to herefrom them. I put food on his nose, and changed his food a few times. HELP

Comment by Kate
you did the right thing in taking him to the vets to make sure that there are no underlining illnesses that may be causing this.

The food needs to be really smelly for some cats so try some tuna (no bones) or try pouring a little warm water onto the cats food this makes it smell stronger.

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