cat not eating or drinking

by Dawn Hales

My cat gemeni is almost 2 she was always a very active cat. She is fixed and declwed because she is an inside cat. She got out the other night and we did not find her until the next morning. she was of in out barn. The last 3 days she has been acting differently, she is not active and she is always tired and does not move from the spot she is laying for hours at a time. I notice she is not drinking water or eating. So I started force feeding her water and baby formula. she is taking it but she still is just not active. She is not eating her cat food although I have seen her use the cat litter box but only if we put her in it. My son say she peed on his bed because she didn't get up. I brought her outside and she started to try to eat grass and she did move a little more then when we are inside. I am not sure what to do. my vet thinks she has got a bug or something. He said to watch her another day to see if she is starting to eat on her own. Will the baby formula hurt her in any way.

Answer by Kate
My advice is not to try and force feed your cat, this will not solve anything and could make the cat sick.
I would take the vets advice and wahtch to see if it is just a bug that will clear up in a day or so. If she still is not eating or drinking then contact your vet again. Not eating can be ok for a while but not drinking can cause dehydration so just watch her and wait but if you do not see any improvement then please contact the vet again.

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