Cat not eating URGENT please answer FAST

by Erin Moore
(richland Hills Texas U.S.A)

my cat is one and a half years old and is in heat she has had one litter of 5 and is not eating she will act like she wants it and go up to it and lick it maybe but no eating OR drinking plz help we need to know fast she is not acting weird but she wont eat it has been happening for 2-3 days now and we dont know whats wrong please we need help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we dont want our kittens to go without a mother!!! please answer fast

signed,Erin Moore

Answer by Kate
Erin, if your female cat is in heat this may be the reason why she is off her food as she may not feel herself. Cats can go without food for about a week but must drink to prevent dehydration.

It is difficult for me to know if she is ill or not as I am not there to witness her behaviour, you are and you will know her better. If you think she is unwell in some way i.e her behaviour is generally different, then you must take her to the vet as soon as possible, there is no other way of knowing what is wrong with her.

You did not mention how old her kittens are, I am assuming they must be at least 12 weeks old for the mother cat to have gone into heat again. At this age the kittens are moving from being kittens into adult cats and so are becoming more independent of their mother and so should need her as much as they once did. So do not worry too much about this.

As you considered having the mother cat spayed now that she has had kittens? It can be unhealthy for a cat to have too many litters in a sort period of time and you will have to consider that after four months the kittens too will becoming adult enough to get pregnant too.

If your cat has still not eaten in another day or is not drinking also, get them to the vets for a check up etc this is really the only way you can be sure that nothing is seriously wrong.

hopefully she is just feeling a little under the weather like we all do from time to time. She may even be a little worn out after the birth of her last set of kittens and may need some medication from the vet to help pick her up.

I hope she is better soon.

best wishes Kate
p.s i have some information here on the site which you may find of further interest. It is about kitten care and also about neutering etc.. here are the pages

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