Cat not using litter box???

by Hallee
(NS, Canada)

Hi! I was wondering if you could please give me an answer to this situation. I had two cats, one died just recently (within the last 3 weeks). The other cat (which is Himalayan) started doing #1 and #2 upstairs in the laundry room and bathroom on the floor. What has gotten into him? Is it the fact that the other cat is not around anymore? How do I get him to stop this behaviour and start doing his business downstairs in the litter box once again?


Answer by Kate
yes I would think that your cat has started this behaviour due to the change in the home circumstances after the death of the other cat. This is normal as they use their urine and faeces to scent a home to help them feel more secure in it. he may be feeling a little worried now that the other cat is not around.

I would recommend some litter training as described here to allow him some time to calm down and get used to his litter again.

I also have a web page about cat grief. they can be affected when another cat dies and their behaviour can change for a while. here is the page which you may find of further interest

best wishes Kate

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peeing and pooping issues
by: Anonymous

Hi there, I have a 14 year old tabby. I have had her since she was 4 weeks old. In March my mane coon passed away and my tabby grieved for 5 months. It was heart breaking listening to her walking around the house crying 24/7.

We recently moved into an apartment that had cats in it. For the first 3 weeks she loved it. We then found out that it was flea infested. She has never had fleas before. I have given her 2 advantage treatments and had my placed exterminated. During this time, one night she jumped on my bed just as I got into it and peed and pooped on it. I stripped the bed, washed everything and the next evening she did the exact same thing. I rubbed her nose in the pee this time. I have found that she has peed in the storage room, which seems to be where the previous tenant cats peed. She has peed on the dining room floor also. I have been picking her up and putting her in the litter box and then she will go. Today I heard a little whimper from her when she was peeing. I cannot afford to go to the vet at this time, but it also worries me as 1 week after I had surgery removing 4 tumors my mane coon died of kidney failure. I now have to have surgery again and it worries me this will happen again.

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