Cat not using the litter box anymore!

by Kelly
(Stratford, WI)

I have a 7 year old male cat that was neutered as a kitten. He is an inside cat - who kept sneaking outside whenever the door was opened. Since I've allowed him to go outside - (he stays around the yard) he has this awful habit of not using the litter box. He will spray anything and everything. Last night I came home and found a urine puddle right on the dining room floor. I have taken him to the vet to make sure he isn't having any health issues and she assured me he was healthy.

I never put a litter box outside when he starting going out - and I'm wondering if that isn't the problem? Also - will I be able to retrain him - or do I have to leave him outside permanently? I live in Wisconsin - and it gets very cold in the wintertime.
Please help me - I don't know how much longer I can deal with this mess.
Unhappy Cat Owner - Wisconsin

Answer by Kelly
This sounds more like a beahvior issue rather than a retraining litter box issue. i say this because most cats will go to the toilet outside and only use the inside litter tray in emergencies. the urination could be a sign that your cat is feeling streesed about something in the house or something that has recently changed. the urination is being used as a scent marker which helps him to feel more secure in the house, ie makes it smell like his. My best advice is for you to read my page about this here it will highlight some of the possible causes of the stress. Make sure that your cat has access to a litter tray in the house as well as being let out. If it continues to happen for a period of time it may be that you will have to retrain your cat to use the litter tray again. See my page about doing this here

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