Cat Nutrition & Cat Health
What Are Your Cats Dietary Needs 

Understanding cat nutrition is very important to make sure that you provide your pet with a balanced diet that will keep your pet happy and healthy throughout their lives.

To provide good cat care your pet requires a balance of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals in their diet.

Follow the guide lines below and feed your cat a well balanced diet and have a happy cat for life.


There are many different types of protein, each containing a combination of amino acids which are needed for growth and repair of body tissue. they also provide the body with energy. The younger the cat the more protein they need as they are more active.

Cats digest proteins very efficiently and lose only 5 per cent through waste. If they were not able to do this they would lose weight and condition quickly.

Protein rich foods are: Meat, Fish, Eggs, Milk and Cheese.

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Pate Canned Cat Food


Fats provide a major source of energy and should form at least 9 per cent of your cats diet. excess consumption of fat will lead to fatty deposits being left under the skin.

Fatty acids are important for the maintenance of cell membranes and also provides fat soluble vitamins to your cat.


Cat nutrition does not necessarily include carbohydrates as cats can survive without them but they are beneficial in providing extra energy during pregnancy and while nursing.

They are also a source of fibre, which are not digested by your cat but does provide bulk to their faeces. A balanced cat diet should contain more than 40 per cent of carbohydrates.

Commercially Bought Cat Food and Cat Nutrition

Most pre-prepared pet food is made to provide everything required for good cat nutrition.

There are many different types of food available. Ranging from the relatively cheap for your average cat to premium foods which are packaged in smaller quantities and are more expensive. There are also many flavour combinations available. Which is handy as some cats can be quite fussy.

There are 3 forms of commercially available food which can provide good cat nutrition:

  • Canned Pet Food: these have a moisture content of around 78 per cent. They contain no preservatives and so need to be refrigerated after opening.

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Turkey & Fish Nibblets

Freeze Dried Raw Cat Food

  • Semi moist: these have a moisture content of around 30 per cent. These are normally only fed as treats.
  • Dry Food: these have a moisture content of around 10 per cent. They contain preservatives and so do not to be refrigerated. You must also make sure that water is available for your cat.

All these foods are equally good for your cat diet. But do read the labels on the products to make sure that they are complete foods, it should say so on the box.

"I and love and you" Nude Food Dry Cat Food

Natural Food

Minerals and Vitamins

Cats require vitamins A, D, E, B and K in their diet and should always be a part of their daily food in take. However you must not give your cat excessive amounts of vitamins and minerals as they can also cause harm. For instance too much vitamin A can lead to arthritic problems in the legs and spine. 

As long as you give your cat a varied diet they should receive all the nutrients they need and supplements should not be necessary.

However if you feel that your cat does need a daily top up of vitamins and minerals then Pet Ultimate Daily Vitamins Plus Feline will help to keep your cat healthy and strong.

They also like to vary their food occassionary, so do provide them with something different from time to time.

This is a natural instinct, traced back to their wild hunting days to ensure that one source of food didn't run out. We all know that look your cat gives you when you serve them their food which says, oh no! not that again.

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