Cat obsessively smacking, licking and nipping when touch lower back/hip/hind area

by Janet

My cat is about 4 years old and recently she has started doing something strange. Whenever you touch or scratch her on her back near her tail she starts to smack her mouth then lick and nip obsessively at the air or on whatever there is nearby. When you stop touching here there she stops. She doesn't seem to be in pain or anything but I am wondering if there is something going on with one of her nerves. She doesn't seem to do this any other time, only when touched there. We moved to a new home in August but this didn't start up until the past few weeks. Please help me.

Answer by Kate
I am afraid I have never come across this before. However I would agree with you that it may well have something to do with nerves in her tail.

Whether or not it is causing her any discomfort I could not say, her reactions do not suggest that she is in pain.

If this continues and you are concerned then the only thing would be to consult a vet who may have come across this before.

perhaps another visitor to this site will have seen this before and be able to advise.

best wishes Kate

Comments for Cat obsessively smacking, licking and nipping when touch lower back/hip/hind area

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Mats/ Licking+Nibbling
by: Anonymous

My cat recently developed mats on his lower back. We shaved them off at home and now whenever you touch that area, he starts aggressively licking/nipping at something. I'm not sure if this has anything to do with the mats but he has never done this before the mats appeared

It's OK
by: Anonymous

Our cat does that smacking of her lips, like our dogs lick their lips, all when being scratched on the tail-end of their backs. It seems to be a pleasure reaction. Our cat also does this when being scratched in front of her neck and a bit lower. In our case, nothing is wrong.

Sucking, licking and biting. what can I do
by: Carol

Hi there,
My cat will do this n seems to be doing it more and more.
She starts by licking her back hind leg.
Then goes to chewing it.
Then sucking her stomach so loud and so gross.
I don't know what to do.
A friend said maybe she'd been taken from mama to soon.
After that she scratches
Any ideas yet+???

Licking and nipping when touch back
by: Delphine

My cat does the same what is it ???

Scratching at the base of the tail
by: Mary

I have a male Maine Coon who loves having the base of his tail scratched and will lick his paws while I'm scratching him. The only problem is he wants me to do this all the time now. It is now obsessive. If this is an infected anal gland I will have to take him in. Vets are like human doctors though. I'm sure he will not know what it is and tell me to come back in two weeks if it keeps up. Very frustrating.

follow up to cat problem
by: Janet

I ended up taking my cat to the vet and it was an anal gland infection. She was put on antibiotics and is better now. You may want to take your cat in because I think if it is caught sooner then the quicker he will get better. I had to wait awhile to take my cat in and she ended up having to be on two rounds of antibiotics.

Hope this helps and good luck!

by: Anonymous

My cat is also about 4 years old and has just started doing the same thing. Everytime we pet him- (whether we are scratching or just petting) as soon as we get close to his tail he starts licking anything and everything like crazy! He doesn't seem like he is in any pain at all, but we're not sure why this started all the time!

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