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Hello again,

Thanks for the reply you have me on allexperts. I really appreciate your help. I just wanted
to ask, the large kennel will be the permenant housing for the kitten(s). I will occasionally
take them on walks. Is this okay?
And i have gotten mixed answers. Some say the kennel is small and inhumane, others say the
kitten can get parasites, and others say the weather is an issue.
THe kennel will be shaded and will have a nice cathouse. I can put them in a cat cage and
keep them in the garage in inclement weather. (Would you advise letting them roam free in the

THanks so much!


Well yes the best option for a cat is to be able to roam free and also have the comforts of a comfy life inside. But of course not everyone can have this.

Personally as long as the cat house is warm and comfortable and kept clean so parasites cannot make home and also they have a large enclosed area where they can wander and climb etc then i do not see this as a problem. It all very much depends on the space you have and the amount of money you are prepared to spend on your cats.

Cat houses such as these

cat houses

Are good quality but are only designed so the cat has somewhere warm and cozy to sleep, they are not designed to be the only space they have so a enclosure would have to be built around the outside.

It sounds to me like you are prepared to spend money and give these kittens a good home. You definitely sound like someone who has the cats best interests at heart.

If you have cold winters then heating is an issue and sometimes can be added to cat houses but if not then a warm and comfortable garage where the kittens can roam is great as long as they cannot get to any chemicals etc.

I understand your problem but there are ways to give a cat a good life if you have the space, time and money.

I wish you good luck with your endeavor and wish you all the best. feel free to use my site as a reference point for your needs and any other problems you may have.

best wishes kate

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