Cat Owner worried about leaving cat

by Kameron

I have a 10.5 month old kitten. He likes to sleep with me but at times he just goes in and out during the night until he is ready for sleeping. He is a dark tiger cat.

I am going away for a month. I have an apt/cat sitter but she absolutely does NOT want to sleep at night with the cat and will close the bedroom door. I have a large bathroom where I keep his food, water, and cat box.

Rather than leaving the cat to roam the house and scratch at the door and cry to get into the bedroom, I am thinking of having her put him in the bathroom at night when she is ready to turn off the TV, lights, and go to sleep.

When I put him in the bathroom when the maid is here, he does just fine or if I put him in when he is getting to wild, he does just fine.

My concern: I am leaving for a month. That is traumatic and stressful enough.

If she keeps him in the bathroom while she sleeps at night,
1. Will he go into depression?

2. Will he become so stressed and feel abandoned beyond repair?

3. Will he ever forgive me and go back to being an affectionate cat?

I only have one cat so he will be by himself all night long. Help!

Thank you, Kameron

Answer from Kate
Ah I can understand your worry and concern but i think we cat owners worry too much about our cats friends. Cats are very adaptable and as long as they are fed, have somewhere comfortable and familiar to them and also do have lots of things to keep them amused and occupied and get some human contact through out the day they will adapt and be fine.

It may be a good idea to get your cat some new toys and things to do while your away, this will distract him from the difference in his routine etc.
i have a web page with some ideas as to what you could try

Also make sure the person looking after him feed him just before bedtime and gives him a little game about half an hour before bed. this will help to tire him out and will also provide some contact and routine in his life while you are away.

I have cats all my life and we have left them for two week holidays and when we have come home the cats have been over joyed to see us and things soon return to normal.

best wishes KAte

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leaving a cat
by: Anonymous

I agree with Kate, my cats have always been thrilled to see me return. Though I have had a few that after the initial joy they got mad at me for sometimes up to a week and "pay me back" by being aloof, but they always settle back into their old routine when I'd suffered enough, lol.

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