Cat Pacing and meowing

by Cynthia

My cat is 13 years old and for the last month he has been meowing and searching around the house with a stressed look in his face. His hair also looks clammy and damp...even after a bath.

Answer by Kate
This could have something to do with your cats age. Sometimes as cats age they begin to suffer from illness associated with old age.

Meowing and pacing is often a symptom of a form of dementia that some cats get as they get older.
I have written a page about senior cats and some of their illnesses, which may be able to help you know how to deal with living with an older cat.

here is the link

However if you are at all concerned about your cats health then a visit to he vets may help to put your mind at rest as well be able to treat any illnesses your cat may have.

best wishes Kate

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Slow and steady
by: Mary Ann

My 16 year old cat 's behavior has been slowly changing . We are now at the """ Meowing, Pacing,
and very little sleep. This part happened overnight. So fast . Is he okay otherwise ??? Can I help him in any way ??


health benifits for cats and owner
by: kris

it is very unforuneate that there are no pet benifits that aloo pet owners to take away from work with pay to take care of our companions without fianicial stress added on. I have recently lost 2 of my dear beloved samuel 14 and austyn 16 and now my 18 sir andrew i believe is showing signs of dementia. why do cats look at corners of te wall and yawl and pace considerabily in the wee hours of the night. i am waiting for his test results but know the signs fairly well when in reading other peoples stories of there beloved thank you for sharing everyone this has helped me calm down and be more present for sir andrew. kris

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