by Lori Zawadiuk
(Vancouver, BC, Canada)

My cat is always "pawing" at the mirrors in my apartment and also the glass on my wardrobe door. She doesn't have her claws out when she is doing this, but it is the same as she would do when she is scratching like crazy on her post. She has even tried to do it on the TV and the little electric fireplace I have. She jumps up on the bathroom cabinet and paws at the mirror on the vanity. She does this at all times of the day, but especially late at night and early AM. It scares the heck out of me when she does this while I am sleeping! Why is she doing this and how can I stop her?

She is approximately 8 years old.
Please help - I don't want her to do this on my TV one day. I am scared it could fall on her. Also, I am tired of cleaning her paw streaks on everything!!

Answer by KAte
I am sad to say that it may be quite difficult to stop your cat doing this. one of my cats like to do this to my Tv, i think it is the static that builds up that he likes.

in your case it sound to me like your cat is seeing their own reflection in the mirrors etc and thinks it is another cat and is trying to get to them. unfortunately this is a learned behavior and has become a bit of a habit for your cat.

All i can think of is either trying a period where you cover as many mirrors as you can to try and break the habit so that after a while even when they are uncovered they have forgotten to look at them. this will be a bit of a nuisance i known. the other option is to spray the mirrors and shiny surfaces with a strong smelling citrus scent to try and deter the cat from going near them.

both methods will take some time and effort and i'm afraid have no guarantees of working. breaking a learned behavior is hard.

i would say though that when ever you see your cat do it, calming move over to them and take them away from the situation, quietly and quickly, do this every time you see it happening, this will also help to break the habit. Do not shout or scold as this will only confuse the cat.

best wishes Kate


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OCD or Anxiety?
by: Josey

My cat does the exact same thing! Her name is Rose and she is 3 years old. She has OCD. It is really creepy watching her do this weird satanic looking ritual on my mirrors!

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