Cat peeing in dirty clothes

Smokey has been with us for about 8 months now and we have had pepper for almost two years. Pepper has been fixed and smokey has not. The cats have gotten along just fine since we have had them. They are both male cats. I was going to take smokey to get fixed in the next week or two to get him fixed. Pepper started going outside recently. When he comes home, smokey will hiss at him and he will not play with pepper any more. One of them has decided to pee in my dirty laundry basket. The litter box is in the laundry room but it has always been there. I cant figure out who is doing it and why. I have always had cats that wondered in and out but this is the first time i have had one pee in my clothes. Smokey refuses to go out side. Please help. Im also pregnant and dont think that im supossed to breathe that stuff. HHow do i figure out which one it is and get them to stop?

Answer by Kate
firstly can i say you are in no danger from the smell of urine at anytime even if you are pregnant you just have to make sure that you wear gloves when clearing anything up.

As for the cause well i think it is a simple case of your 8 month old now coming into maturity. He will be more aggressive and more territorial etc and would start to scent mark now. So having him neutered will help stop all this.

If it is the other cat urinating then I would say it is because he feels under threat from the un neutered tom cat and feels the need to scent mark his territory again.

As I say having your youngest neutered will help to prevent all of this.

best wishes Kate

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