Cat peeing on our bed

by Andria

Our furry kids

Our furry kids

So, we have a cat that is 1 1/2 yrs. She had gone into heat a few times earlier this year and would spray when she did, never a large amount of urine, always a small spot. We got her spayed and she has been totally normal for months. Recently, we noticed that we have fleas. We have three cats in the house and have given them all at least 3 baths, will be bombing the house this week because the fleas are not going away. Still finding them on all three cats when I comb them every day. The 1 1/2 year old seems to have them the worst and now she has started peeing on our bed again. 4 nights in a row, I am sick of cleaning the comforter and sheets and blankets every night before bed. I hate that she is doing this and my husband and I are very angry with her, but I feel that maybe she is ill? Not sure what to do, please help....we love our cat, but I am 7 1/2 months pregnant and cannot have a cat doing this in our home now or when the baby arrives.

Thank you,
Sophie, Zappa and Dynasty's human Mom
Answer by kate

The fleas will return over and over again if the cats and the houe are not treated all at the same time. The flea life cycle means that they can lay dormant in the house and when a passing cat comes by they wake up and it stars all over again.

You will need to treat the cats with a spot on treatment once a month this prevents fleas from living on your cats n the firs place. Baths are only required when the flease are bad on a cat ans should only be done once or twice. This only kills the live ones on the cat at the moment.

Please see my pages about flea control here

As for the rne problem t s propbably due to the fleas and the distress it is causing your cat, plus they can get upset by changes in the home. I suggest dealing with the flea problem then when things settle down again if she continues to urinate everywhere follow the litter re trainng process described here

best wishes kate

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Thank you
by: Anonymous

Thanks Kate, we bombed the house, used a spot on treatment, found that two of them actually had tapeworms(one was the cat with the urinating problem) and we treated them for that as well. Everything has cleared up and the kitties are all happy again! Thanks again, what a horrendous thing for our babies to go through, I am glad we were able to correct all the issues!

Thanks again!


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