cat peeing outside of box.

I have a 4 mth kitten I got from spca, she pees outside her box every so often.especially when she has been playing or scared when someone comes into the house. I have let her have run of parts of the house with two boxes and she uses both boxes. Today she peed under coffee table when guests arrived and then again when they were leaving. I have never had a cat do this. She is small for her age. Any suggestions would be appreciated. She hides behind things to pee,not in the open.

It sounds to me like you have a very nervous kitten on your hands there who is not used to lots of human comapnay.

Urination can be a sign of fear but is also used to help make the cat feel more secure in the home. SO when things change, like new people visiting etc the cat feels the need to make the home smell more like her to help her feel safe.

It is early days for your kitten in her new home and it may take some time for her to get used to her new family and all the comings and goings etc.

So you may have these little incidents for a little while yet. In the mean time you can try using the confinement method for a few days, this helps the cat to settle down without too many things to worry about and also to get familiar with their litter tray again. The process is described on this page at the bottom

Also when people are coming around the house you may want to shut her away when they first turn up nd then allow her to investigate them for her self, then after a few minutes put her in another room to relax again. If you do have a very nervous cat then a little more TLC may be required until she finds her feet.

best wishes kate

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