Cat Photos For Biggs

Cat photos page for my cat Biggs. Hi my name is J. Jameson.

About my cat:

Sex - Male

Age - 12

Lives In - United States

My favorite food - Fancy Feast!

This is what I like to do the best - He loves to sleep on my lap, or in bed with me. He's quite a buddy!

My funny habits are - I think it's hysterical when he's in a playful mood & goes tearing thru the house, or when you give him catnip, he eats it, rolls in it & gets a bit crazy. Also, if he's on my lap when i'm sitting here on the computer, he'll put his right paw on my shoulder & literally pull me towards him so we can rub heads together! He is such a sweetheart!

How I found my cat - He was a stray who was hanging around at my mom's for a couple years. He finally just came out one day instead of running away scared & I went over every day to bond with him & eventually adopted him.

Biggs is like a dog, he follows me around & has to be with me most of the time. He likes to sit on my lap constantly, & you can even dance with him. He never fights to get out of my arms & if I'm having a bad day, he's always there to snuggle against me. He was a stray & has tips of his ears frozen off, a sliced up ear due to some fight & also a claw on back foot that must have gotten broken at one time as it's crooked & a missing dewclaw. He's a survivor & I feel honored to have a cat like Biggs--he's one of a kind. 

Biggs sleeping on lap

Biggs stretched out sleeping.  This is such a funny pic to me. I was checking my nephew's homework over & Biggs must have been as bored as I was--love how he stretched out & fell asleep! He's such a character, we have a bond like I've never experienced with any cat!

Biggs my cat with my best bud Spunky

Spunky & Biggs

Spunky my old gal with Biggs in the kitchen just hanging out. Spunky isn't crazy about him but mostly ignores him! At least all 4 of my animals get along. I will be posting pics of my 2 other cats eventually, but Biggs is the photogenic one, such a mellow cat.

Biggs in his play tube

I added a long string to this for him. He hasn't played in it for a while but he just went in for an antibiotic shot today for his ongoing chronic sinus infections so maybe he'll be back at it again! I hope so, I enjoy watching him play.

Biggs in boxby

Biggs inside a box

This is a picture i took through a hole in a box that my printer sits on--i cut a hole out for him & his girls to hide or sleep in if they want, & he was in there & i just put the camera in, called to him & fortunately, he was looking at the right moment. I think this is a pretty nice pic! One of my favourite pics of him.

Hope you liked all my cat photos.

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