Cat Photos For Felix

Cat Photos Page for Felix my cat, Hi my name is Lucia.

Sex: Male
Age: 2 years and 8 months 
Lives in: Toronto, Canada

His favourite food is: .

He loves the Wellness brand, both dry and wet food, especially the "healthy Indulgence" pouches, but we had to switch him to a specially formulated vet brand with a low PH, due to his urinary problems. He's not a big drinker, thus he's now entirely on a wet food diet to help with his water intake.

More cat photos of Felix please, he' so gorgeous.

This is what I like doing the best:

Play hide & seek, fetch etc....He used to love running water when he was a kitten and still does now but not as much. I still catch him sometimes play in his water fountain and getting his paws wet.

His funny habits are:

He likes to have his belly rubbed, which is unusual for cats, but I interpret it as a sign of complete trust and I LOVE him for it!

How I found my cat:

Got him as a present 2 years ago after he went to several foster homes. He was very shy at the beginning and still is to some extent, maybe due to his lack of trust in humans.

Felix is a stunningly beautiful marbled tabby who entered our lives about 2 years ago, after going through several foster homes. His eyes change colour from golden to light green tones and he has tuffs between his little toes. He's a loving, smart, yet timid cat who loves to play hide & seek, as well as fetch, so I'm convinced that he was a dog in one of his passed lives. He also loves to play in water and has a peculiar fascination for dental floss and lost whiskers which for unknown reasons, he's always tempted to eat. He's not a lap cat, maybe due to his rather "robust built", but he loves to be in our close vicinity and tends to be quite clingy at times. He gets stressed out really easily which sort of caused crystals in his urine, as well as feline cystitis for which he's getting treated at this time. He's a brave and strong cat though and my hubby and I are convinced that he will beat this and get to live a long and happy life in our family. He quickly learned that us humans are pretty vocal creatures, so he thrills and chirps his mews, in an attempt to better communicate with us. He's our goofy "gentle giant" who brings a smile on our face every day and we love him to pieces!

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Rollin' n tumblin'

Felix posed for me like a pro one day and I captured his beauty for eternity so that I can share it with the world, so enjoy!thanks, Karen! by: Lucia Thanks so much, Karen. I'm so glad that my beautiful Felix made you smile. He makes me smile every day. He's a great cat! Take care and thx again for the comment!

Lucia PS: I'll post more pix, so make sure you check Felix' cat hut again.

BEAUTIFUL FELIX by: karen what a very handsome cat. his picture made me smile when i was feeling sad.

to Tracy by: Lucia Thanks for the comment, Tracy. Yup, our Felix is a looker and he knows it too! Wink, wink! I'm sure your cat is superb. We suspect Felix may be a Maine Coon but we're not certain. He may be a mix but regardless, he's a great cat, not only beautiful but smart too. You should post some pix of Bonnie. I'd like to see her. Take care,

Hi, OMG!!!! That cat looks just like my cat Bonnie! Right down to the hairs between her toes! I think our Bonnie (Bon Bon) may be a Main Coon cat. Is your cat a main coon? Beautiful cat!

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