Cat Photos For Wolf, LP, Salem & Mouse's 

Welcome to the cat photos page for L.P., Wolf, Mouse, Salem, Lucy and Funny Face

Lives In - Sound Beach, USA

My favourite food - Fancy Feast Turkey Morsels and Dry Blue Wilderness. Purina One Chicken if I can't get the Blue Wilderness

This is what I like to do the best - L.P. Likes going out on his harness. Wolf likes stuffed mouse toys and balls that he brings into the bathtub to play with so they can't go anywhere (how smart is he?). He will also drop rubber ball from the top of the stairs and watch it bounce down then brings it back up and does the same thing. Salem is the lounge lizard, he loves to splay himself across anybody or anything, sweetie that he is. Mouse LOVES plastic bottle caps!!! All of my soda is flat because he's smarter than me and always manages to snatch the cap away from me when my guard is down. He's a little ninja soda cap stealing kitty. He is also obsessed with shadows and light moving all around the house, don't ask, it's practically his life. Lucy likes to lay next to me in bed and be pet. It's the only place this very feral kitty will let me touch her, but when she's there, it's never long enough for her. Funny Face the mother of all these amazing creatures lives in my yard i n a shelter and visit with her children at the kitchen door. She loves to lay in the sun and EAT!!! 

If I'm in the yard doing anything she watches my every move like a hawk. But she's still comfortable to stay as long as I don't get too close.  :  )  I've learned not to take it personally, though I have cared for her for 10 years.

My funny habits are - They all (except Funny Face) have an extremely sweet ability to come to me and comfort me when they know I am sad about something. It never fails to make me feel better. They let me know that they know I am hurting and that they are concerned. Every time I am as amazed by it as if it's never happened before. I love them and they apparently thankfully love me too and they show it.

How I found my cat - All rescued from one feral momma cat that lives in my backyard. Don't worry, she's fixed now, though she was a challenge! I tried on my own for years, everything you can imagine, no luck. I had help from experts in this department, one woman in particular who was considered the feral cat guru. Even she said "Linda, you're screwed". "I been trapping cats, the most difficult, for 20 years and I have never come across one like her."

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