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My cat is 18mths old, doesnt have a litter tray goes outside to poo, I have read your page on why cats possibly poo in the house but it all seemed to refer to cats who use a litter tray. Yesterday my cat pooed on the front door mat, his cat flap was open (at the back door) and he had been out not that long before.

I only realized he had when i saw him sitting next to it, he was very sheepish and wouldnt move for ages.
his cat flap only opens to his chip so no other cats can get in. Nothing unusual has happened in the house and he's a much loved little cat. He has been bullied by another cat outside, he's been bitten twice so sometimes he's a bit apprehensive about going out.
I'm hoping this was a one off, but am worried as to why it happened, can you shed any light for me?
Thank you very much

Reply HI
No the information regarding Middening is the same regardless if the cat uses a litter tray or not. I.e. if something has upset them enough they will feel the need to scent mark the house in this way.

Hopefully it was just a one off but if it keeps happening then it may be an idea to keep your cat in for a few days with a litter tray to give some time to calm down and relax again. Sometimes cats need a time out when something has upset them.

Best wishes Kate

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