cat pooing in neighbours house

i have just been informed by a neighbour 2 doors down that my cat is using her living room as a toilet,i am so shocked because he has never had an accident in my house.she informs me that it has been going on for 6months but did not want to say anything because bruce was so ill and having chemo,he has cancer of the stomach.she has 2 cats,one that is old with a hole in the heart and does not move from upstairs and a younger cat that bruce seems to chase, he has supposedly broken 5 cat flaps chasing the younger cat back in.she says he is pooing at least 4 times a week in her vet did not seem to have an answer for me can you help, oh by the way she wants me to take out my magnetic cat flap and put an ordinary one in so she can have a magnetic cat flap so bruce want get in,i dont really want to do that,any suggestions.

Answer by Kate
Hi, well this is a problem and one that i'm afraid the answer would be as your neighbour suggested.

your cats behavior is completely normal, he is scent marking her house, now why he feel that he also wants to lay claim to that territory as well as his own who can say. However the smell of the other cats will definitely make him want to scent there and using his feces is a very strong scent marker.

i'm afraid there is no way to teach your cat not to do this, he is following his instincts. the only solution would be to prevent him actually getting into the house. Now how you agree this is between you and your neighbor. Perhaps you could split the cost of getting a different cap flap installed in one of your homes. I believe there may even be ones that have a special signal and only allow the cat with the corresponding collar in, but i am guessing they could be more expensive than a normal one.

Compromise and agreement from both of you is required here, after all there is no point in falling out over this and your cats behavior is unacceptable but natural.

i do hope you can find a solution to this soon

best wishes Kate

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Reply from Isabel
by: Anonymous

My female cat was found to be pooping in my neighbour's house. She has two cats, a male and female and the female does not get on with my female cat at all. The neighbour has always welcomed my cat into her home so was rather surpirsed by this behavour. We couldn't work out how to stop her but in the end the neighbour bought a cat flap which can be programmed to only allow her cats, who are microchipped,into the house. My cat is also microchipped but not programmed to her cat flap - all very clever and it seems to have worked.

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