Cat Pooing on Lawn

by Karen

We've just moved into a new house around 2 months ago. We've got 2 cats, 1 male and 1 female. Our male cat has been pooing on the lawn. He's never done this before. Looking at your website re middening, it's possibly because of the house move and possibly even because there are quite a few cats surrounding our house. We have 2 cat litter trays around the back, as we don't have a dirt garden (the neighbours do have dirt though). When we first moved here, we discovered that he had been using our planter as a toilet tray as it's got dirt (but I put a stop to that by putting some netting over it). Not sure if he is using the cat litter tray as we have 2 cats, and I can't be sure whether they are both using them. He doesn't appear to be stressed?? Any suggestions, or is it a matter of keeping him inside for a while?

Answer by KAte
Well cats do prefer to use earth for their toilet and so it may be a good idea to try and create a little patch of earth that he can use outside. this would encourage him to use that area rather than your lawn.

i don't think this is middening as such he may just want to go in earth and the lawn is the closest thing he can find out side. Litter trays are rarely used outside.

I don't think keeping him in will help much as the issue is with outside. i believe there may be cat deterrents that you can sprinkle on the lawn to deter them from using the area but I do think your bets option is to create a patch of earth for your cat to use.

best wishes KAte

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Cat Pooing on Lawn - Now OK
by: Karen

Thank you so much for your suggestions. It does appear that our cat prefers dirt to kitty litter. I've now changed to the clumping litter with charcoal which probably has a closer resemblence to dirt. I think he is using it. Not great when it rains though, but better than him doing his business on the lawn!

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