Cat pooping and peeing outside the box.

by Joni
(Columbus, Ohio, USA)


I have a 1 and 1/2 year old female spayed cat, she sometimes goes outside the litter box, poop and urine, I also have 2 other cats which have no problem. I have 3 very large litterboxes, each twice the size of a regular litter box, one for each cat, which I clean out every other day. I have tried everything with this cat, (I think). She has been to the vet and checked for a urinary infection, and stools tests. Sometimes her poop is hard other times it is diarrhea. The food I feed them is supposed to be the best it is EVO. She does occasionally express her anal glands when I pick her up and inspect her bottom for matts, she is a long haired cat. When I put her in her litter box 99% of the time she has to go and I praise her when she does.
She does throw up, and have coughing spells because she gets hairballs. She seems to be a very small cat, she still has a kitten face, and petite body. Could she have a UTI infection that she fights off and then it comes back? Does she need different food. I don't know. I do not want to get rid of her, but my husband insists she needs to go if the problem persists, which he has been saying for a year now.
I love love love, this cat, but I need help!

re ply
i suspect that she may be an anxious cat and living with other cats can cause such cats to scent mark both with their urine and poop. Please read my page about middening which will give you some more information about this here

if this is the case then their are calming sprays and medications which can help such cats. This page has some information about these.

If she does have a uti then ensuring that she drinks plenty of water will help. My way of doing this is to feed a mainly dry food which encourages water drinking.

If after trying all these things you may have to consider finding her a home where she will be the only cat. Sometimes some cats are only happy and relaxed in these circumstances. But lets hope that one of my suggestions helps.

best wishes Kate

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Did the vet check the intestines
by: Amy

My cat had the throwing up, loose then consitpated, vomiting and going outside the box. He was trying to tell us something was wrong. After trying everything else the doctor felt a lump in his intestines, ultrasound, and he had a tumor. Our cat was 15, so instead of surgery, because he was in and out of pain, we had to put him down because of the daily mess. It did help for a while to put him in the bathroom overnight with an uncovered box. I hope you have better luck with your kitty.

I had that problem
by: Anonymous

My cat did this, you should ad one more litter box, since some cats like to poo in one ans pee on the other. Try to put the litter box away from traffic. You should go to pet shop and get this enzyme cleaner, you should clean the area where the cat does it, since cats can smell way better than we do and she will use the same spot. That's what I did and the problem stooped, if your cat is nervous in some way, they also sell the feliway, its a plug inn for cats only makes them relax. If all these does not work, then consider UTI, take the cat to the vet for check up. Good luck.

same here!
by: Anonymous

same here!! do you think your cat likes privacy? some cats like to be in privacy while doing personal stuff.... my cat doesn't use his litter box either and i know it why because i dont change the litter every day.. or have you brought a new litter for the litter box your cat is comfortable with the previous litter you need to put him/her into the litter box yourself when you feel so you would have to adjust him/her with the new scent of the litter or bring another litter of any other company.. i use the sand and remove rocks from it or you can change the location of your litter box , maybe your cat is not comfortable with the location or needs privacy, some cats like mine feel scared when they sit in the litter box alone so some people would have to stand near the box to make them feel safe. hope my tip worked!! thanks

Take her to the Vet
by: Anonymous

You should take her to the vet, she might have UTI. esides, you should buy this enzyme cleaner in pet shop, its cheap and does wonders on odor, if you dont get rid of the odor most likely she will go in same place, this could also be the cause she keeps urinating outside the box. Take her to the vet to rule out UTI. Good luck.

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