cat pooping outside of litter tray

by Kodet

Its me ?. Rosi has stopped using the litter box. We scoop it and when theres like 4 piles of poo, she stops using it. My bathroom is filthy! There are piles of poo everywhere! I am going to camp next weekend. I am afraid to leave the house, because i might come back to a house full of poop. Is somthing wrong with her. We have seperate litter boxes.


Answer by Kate
I would say that leaving four piles of poop in the litter tray before you clean it is too much. i would clean mine after every bowel movement, possibly two but never more. cats are very clean animals and they would not like to use a dirty litter tray, this would be upsetting for them, which could cause the fact that she feels the need to scent mark around the house like this.

try cleaning the litter tray more often and make sure the litter itself is refreshed often. you could also try a period of litter training again as well just to help your cat get back into a routine. See here fore details

Make sure that who ever is looking after your cat while you are away knows to keep the litter clean every day.

if there are other changes in behaviour or you suspect she is unwell, it is best to take her to the vets as soon as possible.

best wishes Kate

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