Cat pooping problem

by Mr17008

need help! we are sick and tired of our cat pooping in the loungeroom corner (on the carpet). Here's the story..

we originally had 2 persion cats in the previous apartment we lived in. one of each sex, though the boy was younger and more competitive. both were de-sexed, and bought from a great breeder. they're both toilet trained and healthy.

one day the boy snuck into my partners wardrobe and pooped on his shoes at least twice instead of using the little tray. we ensured that the wardrobe was closed from then and it stopped immediately.

one day our balcony door was slightly ajarr,and the female got through and fell off the balcony, she did not survive and to this day we're very distressed. We were concrened the male would be sad, but he seemed ok. So time went on. 6 months later we moved into a new unit in the same apartment building & 6months later he pooped in the loungeroom corner (nothing in the environment or diet changed to cause this), we cleaned it, things were ok for a few days then he pooped again. this re-occured every few days, then eventually became a daily routine, and very frustrating. We tried everything from soaping and deoderising that corner, putting his nose in the poop just a little, putting him back into the cat little tray which is in the laundry, using "cat piss-off" spray from a vet, spraying vinegar, even putting the cat litter tray in the loungeroom corner, but nothing deters him, even if we put big objects (ie: lounge, lamp) in that corner he'll just go next to the item we've placed there. we even took him to the vet, and all seems ok. The vet thinks its an attention thing. two litter trays dont work either (one for pee, one
for poop). We eventually got a second boy cat to keep him company as we though he was lonely whilst we were at work, we thought this would help, they get along great but he still poops in the corner (the new cat does not poop in the corner). We lost the plot evetually and scared him away a little from the corner. felt bad.. but this has now been going on for a year everyday, it's so unpleasant and the beautiful apartment now smells like an animal farm. But you wouldnt know in his personality that something is wrong, he is the most loving, cuddling and purring cat.

he wont stop pooping in that corner! please help..

I've been reading in forums to use everything from moth balls, foil, and amonium??. not sure what else to do..

look forward to your advice.

Answer by Kate
This behvaior is called middening i have a whole page about what it is and its causes here on the site you will find it under cat urination. It sounds like your cat may benefit from some litter tray training again, this is where the cat is isolated in a room for a week or so with just his litter tray and toys etc and is only allowed out for food then back into the room. See my page about litter tray training under the cat training header.
If you are persistent with your training it will hopefully break the cycle as he won't have access to the lounge for a period of time and will get used to using the tray again. As with all training, be patient and don't be upset with him during this time. this behavior is not a bad behavior, it is ether a learned behavior or is stress related. Please read my pages as suggested.

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by: chrissy

i wonder if someone can help with my cat problem.he is a male who has been spayed. we have had him 13 years but as he was a stray we are not sure of his true age but we think he may be about 18. obviously he is getting old and with that he may be having problems the same as an old person does. he has started pooing on the lounge carpet and also on a rug in the bedroom. i think he knows he has done wrong as i shout at him,but i dont think he can help it. we moved house 4 months ago but i dont think thats the problem as he has settled in very well. he is on tablets for kidney and thyroid problems and he has just finished a course of antibiotics for an upper respatory infection.

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