Cat pooping problems

by Duncan
(United States)

Hello, i have two cats bear(a male cat) and callie(a female cat). They are brother and sister and have no problems with eachother. Although, Callie (they both have been suspected of it but we believe it is callie) has been pooping in various places. it has been happening since we got our dog (over two years ago). I understand she is under stress or something of that sort. It is becoming a major problem and we are questioning giving the cats away. I would hate to see them go, but i know this has to stop. We have two litter boxes in our basement, and we put them in the basement every night. Bear is a cat that will go outdoors and he prefers being out there. i dont think he has any problems with litter boxes. He is a good kitty and usually stays in the basement when inside. Callie hates being outside and cries to get back in, as she does at nights to get out of the basement. She usually stays upstairs on the second floor all day, and hates the dog and is very shy of humans. she will fight our dog (who is a female) if she sees her. Bear, on the other hand, doesnt mind the dog but if she approaches him he will walk off. The poop is always found in the basement or in a room upstairs that is left open. i know she can access the litter box because she poops in the basement near the litter box. our dog stays on the middle floor between Callie's normal hideout (upstairs) and the basement and i wondor if that is the problem. I am very confuzed and will try anything that will work. I have raised these cats their whole lives (even their mother) and i have a very strong bond with Bear. Everything changed when we got our dog and we are tired of the mess. Everyone in my family is willing to give them away but i will do anything to stop that from happening. PLEASE HELP!

First of all i will assume that both cats are spayed / neutered because if not then this may the whole territorial issue even worse. But i assume they are anyway.

Sadly some cats are not
as comfortable living in a multi animal house and it sounds to me that your female cat is more highly strung then your male. Unfortunately as this been going for some time it may be more of a problem for her to get over her anxieties about the dog.

You could try the confinement method of litter training her again but i;m not sure in this case she will respond well (for your information though this method is described on this page

The other option is that you could try some calming medication some cats need this to be able to relax around other animals. I have a web apge about nervous cats which has more information on this here

I hope you can help your cat settle down again as it would be terrible if you had to give her up.

best wishes kate

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