cat poo's when i am away

by Leah

When i go on vacation, i have friends and family come over to feed my cat everyday, or every other day at the most. My cat is ten years old, and for the past two years he has been pooping on the floor, or this year, on the couch, on the blanket he usually sleeps on! He has never had problems going in the liter box, so why does he do it when i am not home for an extended period of time? (He must have known i'd be gone awhile, because he did this on Day 2 this year....I've gone away for weekends before and he doesn't do it!!)


This is not an unusual behavior fro cats who become anxious when routine changes. My own cat did this once when the people who were looking after her (or supposed to) did not visit her often enough during the period that i was away. Now if i am away my neighbor comes in morning and last thing at night for my cat and this means i have had no problems with my two new cats.

Basically this behavior is due to anxiety and the cats way of trying to make himself feel better about his environment. Ie if it smells of him then it must be ok.

My advice would be to try and get people to look after him who are able to visit at least twice a day to create some sort of routine. Also they need to spend a little time with him even 5 minutes petting him etc to let him know that everything is ok.

there are also some anxiety reducing medications which can help the particularly anxious cat. please see my page here


I also have some information regarding the whole looking after your cat situations which you may find of further interest here

best wishes kate

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