Cat problem.

My cat has a twitchy back.Sometimes she will run around, and stop suddenly to lick her back continuously. She's seems itchy, and when I walk near her, she'd {{Meows}} at me as if she doesnt want me near her.What's wrong with her?..

Answer by Kate
Hi well it sounds like she either has a parasite problem like fleas or mites or she has a skin allergy of some kind.

the twitching back is a common symptom of a nasty itch or of being bitten. My own cat will do this from time to time as she seems to be allergic to certain things (we never have been able to work out exactly what, but we know she does not have fleas or parasites.

you will need to check her for fleas etc and treat those if that is the case. if you can not see anything then I would recommend that you take her to the vets, who will be able to do some tests and recommend a treatment.

the twitchy back can be rather distressing for the cat and can drive them crazy and cause them to chase around erratically. So the quicker you can treat the problem the better.

I have some pages here on the web site about various skin problems such as fleas and mites.

best wishes Kate

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Itchy and running
by: Jami

I have a female russian blue and she does that ONLY because she is about to have an asthma attack and as soon as I see her I calm her down. She has had asthma since kittenhood

my cat went out came back strange
by: Anonymous

my cat princess went out and came back crazy jumping about and running away from me and she seems too wash her tail all the time.

Food allergy
by: Rit

Don't rule out food allergies. My 7 year old Minnie has very dry flaky skin and is very allergic to certain dry cat food. She threw up 2-3 times a day for 2 years before we finally figured it out, (vet hadn't a clue, now have new vet).

It was the dry food we were feeding her. Believe it or not, we recently got a kitten and she started eating the kitten food. No vomiting and her skin is better! Have to watch the high protein in it I know, but she's better.

Don't give up. Try eliminating one type of food at a time if you feed dry and wet. You will slowly have to change the food by mixing it with another or she might not eat at all. Talk to your vet about best food for her age, and what to try. You might try one thing and it will get worse, but the ingredients will be what you want to avoid.

And NO table scraps! Read the labels on the treats too!

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