Cat puking

by Bob
(Vallejo, CA, U.S.A)

Hello, I currently have two cats. Both female. One is about 7 years old and the other is about 2. About a year ago I picked up the younger one from a shelter and brought her home. I have had the 7 year old since she was a kitten. My problem is they are always fighting. And its obvious the 2 year old causes it EVERY time! I use a spray bottle with water and raise my voice to get the point across to the troublemaker. After i finish with the 2 year old, my 7 year old goes around the house puking.. I know it is probably the yelling but it is never at her.. I am extremely confused. To be honest I have pondered this for months hoping it would end eventually. I am starting to think the 7 year old just wants attention. I give them both the same amount of attention too!

Any ideas??

Answer by Kate
unfortunately some cats just never get along and it would be natural for a younger cat to try and claim the home for themselves.

I assume they are both spayed? If not then this would be a cause for conflict.

Also unfortunately shouting and spraying water etc does not work apart from making the situation a more scarey for the cats. they will not understand your action, they will simply become afraid of you. This may be why your older cat is vomiting, she may be very fearful and scared.

Unfortunately there are no miracle cures for getting cats to get along with each other. if they are not spayed then have them done. If they are are all I can suggest is that you spend some time using the introduction method with them for a period of a week or so, but this may be too late now that they have been togeather for a while and the fear and mistrust has built up, but it may be worth a go.

the process is described here

best wishes Kate

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