Cat Purrs
Are They Good For You?

Can cat purrs really be good for our health?

OK so being a cat lover you knew that owning a cat was good for you didn't you? Deep down inside you could tell that having your furry friend around not only made you feel good emotionally but that they also helped to keep you happy and healthy too.

Well guess what you were right. Some scientific research into the health benefits of purrs and the companionship of cats has shown that yes indeed there are many actual physical health benefits.

A recent study by the Minnesota Stroke Institute said that, owning a cat could dramatically reduce your chances of dying from heart disease. In fact you were actually 30 percent less likely to suffer a heart attack, now that's a number not to be sniffed at.

Many scientific bods have looked into just why cats seem to have such a positive effect on our health, specifically around the cats purr which studies have shown really could reduce certain types of illness. Now I am no expert and so I bring you this information as it has been delivered to me. But personally I can believe most of it, being a lifelong cat owner who has felt the healing power of my beloved cat friends.

The following information comes from a post at

1. Lowers stress - stroking a happy contented purring cat helps to calm you down

2. Cat purrs can decrease the symptoms of Dyspnoea

3. Lower Blood pressure

4. Helps to heal bones - apparently the vibrations of the frequency of a purr can actually help mend bones.

5. Helps to heal swelling and infections

6. Helps heal muscles and tendons

Cat Purrs - The Benefits

Personally I have always felt that when we are happy and relaxed we heal quicker anyway. So having a cat in our lives which helps to promote our happiness and which keep us calm can only be a good thing in our lives, especially at times of stress and illness.

So if you are reading this and feel rather down or under the weather , go find your cat and give them a lovely cuddle for awhile until they start to purr. It can only be good for the both of you.

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