Cat Repetitive Licking

My Russian Blue Mix is 5 years old, I've noticed for a while now that he licks wall. He will sit there and lick a wall for hours if I let him. I of course make him stop, but I have to watch him or he will go to another wall and lick there instead. He meows a lot, but I think it's just to get my attention (it's VERY annoying). He used to be part of a 3 cat home, but now is the only cat in the house (that was several years ago). Now we are noticing he's licking the microfiber couch and leaving stains on the couch. My boyfriend isn't a huge fan of my cat to begin with, but this is making it worse. HELP!

Answer from KAte
Umm unusual but i'm wondering if it is a sign of anxiety. A sort of compulsive disorder brought on by something like boredom or anxiety over something.

It doesn't sound like Pica which is an eating disorder as this is usually from birth and is where cats eat non food items.

Does your cat have lots of stimulation and things to do in his home. Is he allowed outside if not then his inside world has to be changed so that he can do all the natural cats things like climbing, jumping, hunting etc.

See this page for some ideas

Have you had him checked over by a vet recently?If it has been some time since his last vet visit it may be an idea to have him checked over to rule out any possible underlying illness of nutritional deficiency.

I have a couple of pages which you may find of further interest re anxiety and also nutritional requirements.

best wishes KAte

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