Cat Rescue - Meet Minnie!

by Shay
(Vernon, BC, Canada)

Minnie, day 1, on our way home.

Minnie, day 1, on our way home.

Life hasn't been easy the last year. I had a very important relationship in my life end, and my mother fell ill. About 5 months ago, my mother passed away after a long 2 and a half month battle in the hospital, and two months ago I turned 21 without her. She was my only parent for my entire life, and really my only family. Her passing hit hard and I slipped into a difficult time in my life.

She was very allergic to animals, and so I've never been able to have an animal of my own (except fish!). My best friend moved into the place I shared with my mother, and we began a journey of grieving together. About two weeks ago, a friend of ours decided to get sober, and so we went to the house to clean it up as he went to detox. His ex girlfriend had a few cats, and in a drugged out haze, she kicked the two cats out and tried to run them off. The one found a home with a friend of ours, but we couldn't find the other. One day, we were walking up to the house and heard a heartbreaking cry from the bushes close by, and finally saw this adorable little black cat, and she was starving. So we found a can of tuna inside and left it out for her, but she wouldn't come near us. The next day we came back and this time brought a bag of cat food. She was crying as we drove up, and when we got out and started pouring the food onto the ground, she immediately ran up and started eating.

Afterwards, she came right up to me mewing and rubbed up against my leg, allowing me to
pet her. She was so grateful. My friend called her a 'skinny Minnie' and hence the name, which we decided there and then was quite fitting. I decided that if she was meant to come home with me, she'd come to me after we finished inside. We went in the house and began to clean. A few hours later, I opened the door to leave and she was sitting on the steps, waiting. As soon as she saw me, she started meowing again and came right up to me, though timidly. So, we got the carrier from the back of the car that was used for our friends dog, and put her in. She was not terribly happy, and cried like crazy. I stayed in the car with her and the more I talked to her, the more she calmed down. My friend ran in and got the necessities from superstore, and we went home.

Its been about a week now, and shes getting healthier by the day. I've also come to realize she loves to steal my pillows at night! Shes already gained weight and is happy, her energy has grown leaps and bounds already. Shes so cuddly, and so playful. I have an appointment to get her spayed in a week or so and shes got all of her shots now. At first, I thought that I saved her. Which I did, I won't deny that. But she saved me, too. She's given me unconditional love and affection, and has helped me move through some emotions that I was pushing away. She is amazing, and I am so grateful she chose me! I know my moms looking down on me smiling (while shaking her head). She always said I'd become a rescuer.

Thanks for reading =)

-Shay and Minnie

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