Cat Rescue Stories - He came knocking at my door!

by Penn
(Stone Mountain, GA)

All black with an occassional white hair, no undercoat at all

All black with an occassional white hair, no undercoat at all

My oldest kitty died a few years ago at the age of 21. She had wandered into my apartment 20 years prior and stayed. Although I have two other kitties, both rescues/strays too, I missed having a third cat. I looked at kitties during many pet adoption days, but I never found the right one for me. So I told myself and friends, the right kitty will come knocking at my door one day. Well, one day, a black kitty I had seen in my neighborhood came right up to my back door, stretched up high onto the glass, and tapped to get my attention. I had seen neighbors feed him, so I assumed he was someone's pet.

I fed him a little, and he came back regularly. He was tame enough to be petted if you fed him, and he took naps right by my back door or window, watching in. Well, it turns out he had been doing the same all up and down the street. He was an abandoned kitty with no home. A neighbor helped me capture him and take him to the vet where he got a clean bill of health and was fixed.

Now he is now a happy full time resident with us. He appears to be just fine living indoors 100% of the time. He learned his new name, Kreighton, in only a week. He loves being called a "good boy" when he does something right. He almost always comes running when I call him. I am still trying to teach him not to pounce on my bare feet, as they are looking like pin cushions. He is a curious little fellow, prying up the grates in the floor. He got under the floor boards once, before I screwed them all down.

Kreighton now happily wears a collar with a brass bell. I can hear him tinkling wherever he is in the house. Plus, he looks like a movie star!

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