Cat Rescue Story - Cosmos, Zeus and baby girl

by Karen
(Illinois, USA)


My name is Karen, 3 years ago I lived in an apt building near a busy street, one day I spotted a cat behind my building that looked thin and weak, I put some food and water out and he immediately came over and helped himself, he would run away when I got close, but seemed to not be too scared of me. I named him Sylvester as he looked just like the cartoon cat, soon there was another cat with him, soon after that there were 4 kittens with them, I could not catch any one of them, they came every night to eat and I would watch them play in the backyard with their siblings and mother.

One day only 3 kittens came over, and I never saw the 4th one again, soon after the mother did not show up either nor did Sylvester, just the 3 kittens. Soon it was winter in Illinois, and very cold, one of the kittens, was on the porch with his paw up as if he was frostbitten.

That was it for me, I immediately rented a have a heart trap and trapped all 3 in less than 2 hours, 3 feral 4 month old cats. I literally had 3 wild cats in my 2nd bedroom, it took me 4 months and lots of patience until one day I broke down thinking these animals will never trust a human, they will never come to me, what have I done?

My intention was to get them settled and bring them
to a shelter. I realized that they would never trust anyone if they did not trust me. I started to cry sitting in the room with them. Just at that moment Zeus came over to me, climbed up on my lap and started purring and wanted to be petted. I could not believe it!

Whoever said you cannot domesticate a feral cat is a liar. Needless to say I did not give them up because I fell in love with them. These 3 are the light of my life! All it takes is patience and understanding, they are not mean, just scared. And now all 3 are still together, living like lounge lizards, sleeping all day and playing all night. I am so glad I took the chance, and saved them.

Bless you Karen
by: Anonymous

Your story was lovely, I had tears in my eyes when I was reading it- you are special.
Feral Kittens
by: Mary In NC USA

The world needs more people who understand the true feelings of ferals.
They are truely scared and not mean.
I also have socialized 2 little feisty ferals
(LOLA & BILLY) Brother and sister
They bit and clawed the blood out of me for almost 2 years. I was determined to not give up on them and it finally paid off.
(You can read their story here called "Lola, From Feral to Friendly).

Thank you for saving those babies.
Your patience and hard work is affirmation to others that ferals can be saved and turn into normal,loving pets.

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