Cat Rivalry

by Tammy Cross
(Casper, Wyoming)

My elderly Father is moving in with us in a few months. The problem I am forseeing is my 3 year old Main Coon (declawed) Male who is very, very spoiled and an only cat. He has never been around other cats before, and - you see where I am going with this don't you...

My Dad has a Female, 10 or 12 year old gray and white -very, very, very spoiled (still has claws) cat. Neither cat is an outdoor cat.
I know his precious kitty will be very disturbed. They are moving from California to Wyoming and she is already missing my Mother who passed away las December.
How in the world will I get these 2 cats to live together peacefully and not kill each other doing it? I also don't want my poor cat to feel betrayed. They really are both Very spoiled.
What can I do to make this a smooth transition for cats and humans?

Please help me, I literaly am waking up at night worrying about this and we are at least 2 - 3 months from the actual move.

Answer by Kate
well the first thing is not to declaw the other cat, this will make no difference and is not fair.

Secondly make sure both cats are neutered/spayed, this will make things a lot easier for all of you and help calm any aggression.

thirdly, I know how worried you must feel, i would be anxious too, especially for the cats who will both be going through stressful periods. there is a way to help make the transition easier for the cats and it will also help to give them time to get to know each other without fear. It does take some time and effort on your part but if you stick with it for a week of so it really is worth the effort. having said that, it does not remove the prospect of the occasional spat etc, this is natural and in most cases should be allowed, it is there way of finding their place in the home and is often more about show than actual aggression.

Any way the process is described here on my web page

Don't worry, if you can remain calm and controlled throughout the introduction period this will help to assure your cats as they will also sense your worry and fear and could hinder the introduction. Remember slow, small steps and eventually they will at the very least be able to live together in peace.

best wishes Kate

P.s love the picture

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It Worked!
by: Tammy Cross

I e-mailed my concerns for two older cats meeting and living together several months ago. Your suggestion was to introduce them slowly, one in a cat carrier and the other in his own home envirnment. We did this for several nights with very minimal hissing and growling. After the 4th night and no scowls I decided to try to let them out together and see what happened. To our amazement they looked at each other and went to their respective "safe zones" The next night they were sniffing each other and "nose kissing". They lay on the same bed only 2 weeks later. I am extremely happy that they get along as well as they do - and so quickly!
Thank you for your suggestions.

cat introduction
by: Nicole

If the cats have trouble getting along at first and keep being mean and nothing works, they should be fine after a month when they get to know eachother more, because i used to live on 37 acres adn had 7 cats and started off with two and the got along better the longer they lived together and they were all usually fine after a month. When we got our other ones they got along after a month too and all teh cats were like that. When I moved i only took 2 of the cats and gave the others away and they ranaway and one of them (oreo) came back after two days and after a few months there was a stray cat and i thought it was the cat that ranaway and 3 days later she had babies, and i know it wasn't her becasue she was spayed and oreo didn't like her or the babies, but she kept her distance and there wasn't any conflict between the two. When the kittens got older, we had to get rid of teh mom cat because she attacked the neighbor's and my dog. Now Oreo and the kittens are really good friends and the kittens are now 4 and almost 5 years old. Crawly is on of the kittens and he is on this website in the name section for boys with a picture of himself. Anyway, the cats you have may not fight, they will probably just keep their distance, becasue that's what every cat did when ever i got a new one. You should keep their food bowls far apart because they may be protective over their food. When you first get the other cat, you should hole them both and have them go face to face and meet eachother so your cat knows that that cat is supposes to be in there and that it isn't an intruder. I hope this information helps (=

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