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We just purchased a home in the country, and the previous owner left the cat. They said the cat was "wild" and never comes inside, and that since they were moving to the city the cat wouldn't be happy there. Unfortunately, we have never had a cat before, so I have been learning how to care for him. Recently, I have noticed two very large chunks of fur flapping around just in front of the back leg area (one on each side), and the skin where the fur used to be is bare. Is this just excessive shedding? or is this indicitive of a problem? Because the cat won't approach us, we cannot take him to a vet. I am so new at this cat business, this may be normal and I just don't realize it. But, if there is a problem and there is something I can do to help, I would appreciate the advice. (By the way, the previous home owner said the cat had been neutered.) Thank you.

Answered by Kate
Well if the cat is long haired it could be severe matting which has pulled away from the skin in clumps. this is painful for the cat and should be removed by cutting the fur lumps away.

The other cause could be a skin allergy or mite problem. (Please see my web page about cat fur loss here )

Unfortunately in either case you will need to catch him to get a better look and he probably would benefit from a visit to the vets to make sure that he doesn't have a mite or skin problem that needs treatment. Without getting a proper diagnosis it is difficult to treat yourself.

best wishes Kate

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