Cat running around and won't stand on the floor, meowing deeply, and cleaning himself constantly

by Brenda
(Coquitlam, BC, Canada)

We had a storm last night and kitty slept at the end of our bed and didn't move the whole night. This morning he woke up, ran around the house at top speed for 10 minutes. Then he was meowing deeply and wouldn't touch the floor. He's walking on window ledges and bouncing off the coffee tables and couches running around the room so he doesn't have to touch the floor. Finally he is sitting under the lamp on the coffee table and has been cleaning himself for 40 minutes. Did a spider bite him? Is he hunting a mouse? When he stops licking himself for a moment, he looks down at the floor with big round eyes. He's usually very cuddly but won't sit with me this morning. When I pick him up, he freaks out and jumps away from me back to higher ground.

Answer from KAte
i have seen this behavior before when fleas have been present in the home. I don't know if a storm would have made dormant fleas activate, you never can tell with electrical storms etc.

The other option is that he is just very spooked by the storm and needs a few days to calm down. keeping him one room with his toys etc for a day or so could help him regain his confidence.

Hope he is ok again soon

best wishes kate

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Thank you
by: Brenda

Thank you, Kate :) I don't think there are fleas here because our cat is an indoor cat. But I suppose it's possible. I think the storm must have scared him. But also, I found out today that we had a 2.9 earthquake that morning as well. He was probably reacting to that too. We have done like you suggested. He wouldn't even leave his cat bed which is on top of a table in an extra room. So we put all his toys around him while he slept yesterday. We carried him to his food dish a few times so he would eat. Today he is [cautiously] walking around the house and beginning to act a little more normal.

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