Cat saliva is very thick

My cat has very thick and gooey saliva. This has been going on for a few weeks. It often forms long drools hanging from his mouth. Ant idea what is wrong and what I can do to help him?

Answer by Kate
Sounds nasty and is definitely not normal. he really does need a vet to take a look inside his mouth. he may have a bad tooth or a mouth ulcer which is causing this drooling.

It must be very unpleasant for your cat also as they are very clean cats as a rule. The drooling could also cause sores to occur around the mouth area, so the sooner it is treated the better.

i hope he is better soon

best wishes Kate

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Normal Behaviour?
by: Anonymous

My cat recently had kittens, about a week ago, and is acting weird with them.

She will always pick up one kitten ( usually not the same one) from the nest and carry it over to another part of the room ( usually closest to me) and set it down,and she herself will lie down beside it. She will also randomly drop a kitten on me, or leave them all over the house.
Is this normal mommy behaviour?

Another thing is that she has been passing a lot of gas lately. It smells like human diarrhea. I have noticed that when she drops a kitten on me, it will be covered in thick, clear, gook. Similar in consistency to.. mucus? When you blow your nose and it is clear but sticky and gross. I can't really explain it. But her eye has sticky long string (or small small worm) looking stuff on it. Right over the ball itself. And it doesn't move when she blinks or moves her eye.
I have a vet appontment made for a week from today, but I am really worried that this is not normal and that I should take her to the Vet ER ASAP.

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