Cat scared of certain area in my room

by Kana R

Ok so there was a cockroach in my room and i had to find it behind this small table of mine. So i moved it and at some point i killed it with a slipper, before i tried moving the table i put my cat in my room and closed the door. She didnt find it so i tried the table thing. After i killed it she came into my room and was terrified of something under the table (cockroach was not killed there) i tried finding out what object she was scared of but she just ran away before i could show her anything. I dont know but i do remember being freaked out near that spot in my room the most, is she scared of my fear scent? Or could it be an object that i moved that shes scared of? I dont know whats going on but its scaring me.

Do you have floor boards in your room?If so it could be that there is something underneath which your cat can hear. Although most cats would be more curious than scared in this case. My two cats are always staring at a particular place under the floor in my room.

I think you could be right about your cat reacting to your fear. cats are very good at picking up our own emotions and this can frighten them.

The best thing you can do is to ignore this area and not to fuss about it when your cat is in the room. Act like nothing is wrong and your calm reactions should ease your cats fear.

best wishes kate

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Thank you
by: Kana R

There are no floorboards its somekind of tile thing. Well my cat isnt as terrified of that spot, but she walks as far away from it as possible. When she was scared of it her eyes were squinting just like the time i shook a small bottle of perfume and she walked away from it (i think she has somekind of trauma) and the second time she walked into my room after the cockroach incident i held her and she was very light, her fur was very soft, and she pressed up against me. Today i put her on that spot expecting her to run away but she just casually walked out from underneath the table yet she still looked at that spot with big eyes. Oh and the slipper i killed the cockroach with is near there but i dont know what shes looking at.

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