Cat Scratching and Goes Outside

by Mark Astill
(Leicester, UK)


I rescued my cat Percy from a Sanctuary 8 months ago. He was in the sanctuary for a year before I got him, and was maltreated prior to that. He is a bit timid, but have grown to love him as he can be very affectionate, when he wants to be, and normally would get to pet him once a day.

He has always liked to go outside and spends most of the day out, at least if the weather permits it.

I went on holiday for a week 2 weeks ago. Rather than taking him to a cattery, I got a cat sitter to come and feed him, so he had free reign to come and go as he pleased. I had used her before when I went away for a long weekend, and he seemed fine afterwards. About 2 weeks before I went away, I noticed he was scratching and then I saw a flea. So I treated him with the spot on flea treatment and he seemed fine.

However, since returning from holiday he has been scratching and licking a lot. I couldn’t see any fleas, but to be sure I treated him again. He has also been outside all the time. He would normally come in for some or all of the night, but has stayed out all night for the last week. He literally only comes into feed and hasn’t been his purring-self. He is still eating
OK, but seems less interested in being around me.

Please help!? I don’t know if this is to with the constant scratching and is health related or if it is to with me being away for so long and is behavioural.


I assume you used a top quality spot on flea treatment and not one bought from the supermarket. i say this because the ones available at the supermarkets are not very good at all and are basically a strong scented oil rather than a flea killer etc.

I am wondering if your cat may be suffering from a flea bit allergy and this is what is causing the excessive itching. I had a cat like this who even though flea free would only need a flea to bite her in the garden and it would send her into a scratching frenzy.

Cat Allergies are common and can be caused by many things. Please see my page here for more on this

I would say this is not behavioural as scratching is a reaction to a itch, a behavioural issue would be something like excessive licking or grooming which is more comforting.

My advice would be to take your cat to a vet to see if there is still a flea issue which could mean that the treatment used has not been affective or as I say there could be a allergy involved.

Hope he is better soon

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