Cat still scratching

by Peter Todd
(Dorchester, NH)

This is a continuation of my question about my seven year old female cat.

Kate was kind enough to answer me, but I am still scratching my head (sorry) about this problem.

I understand that it is normal for a cat to rub the side of its head against things, but this cat literally goes into a scratching frenzy every morning.

She gets to sleep on the bed so when she starts to scratch, always on her head, it wakes me up.

Again, the vet hasn't given me any explanation after two visits and some type of steroidal medication?

Thanks again/


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my cat wont stop scratching her head

by Peter Todd
(Dorchester, NH)


I adopted a cat from a friend that had to move out of state and into an environment where she couldn't keep cats. She is about 7 years old and has a very nice temperment.

The only thing that I can say negative about her is that she wakes me up almost every morning at around 4:00 am by scratching her head repeatedly.

She also rubs the sides of her head on everything she walks by. She doesn't seem to do this all day but mostly in the early morning hours.

I have taken her to the vet twice with no luck. The vet put her on a steroid of some type for a few weeks which didn't seem to help. The vet saw no signs of any fleas.

I heat with a wood stove if that is of any consequence.

Please help!

Answer by KAte
well as you probably know cats have a scent gland in the side of their mouth and often when cats head rub things they are transferring this scent.

i am not sure what you actually mean by head rubbing, if you mean rubbing against things with her head then this is scent transference is perfectly normal. She may feel most anxious in the mornings I.e she has been alone all night and so feels the need to do it then.

if you mean she is rubbing her head so that she is making it sore or rubbing fur off then this may be due to being over anxious and is a behavioral issue rather than anything a vet can do for her.

if this is the case then please see my page about anxious cats here

best wishes Kate

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